Inside track with Ndebele King Makhosoke II

As the most senior traditional leader, King Makhosoke II is rather easygoing.It took just half-an-hour to secure an appointment with him, and he calmly answered his phone to give us directions to his offices, situated 11km north of KwaMhlanga.A middleman got involved at our unintended request – we had wrongly assumed access to the Ndebele monarch involved passing a chain of retinues. We did, however, find three men in his company. Among them a prince, Thomas Mabhena.The walls of his office buildings and traditional court are beautifully decorated with Ndebele art on the outside and, except for his framed photo on the wall bearing his name, the hide draping his office chair is the only item that hints at royalty.

King Makhosoke II was pronounced the legitimate Ndebele leader in 2010 following a five-year investigation by the presidential Nhlapho commission, which was assigned to resolve kingship disputes and declare legitimate kings in the country. We met the king at a time when the Ndebele culture has been put under public scrutiny following the deaths of more than 30 boys undergoing the ingoma (passage to manhood) ritual since the second week of May.

“Let me rather start by giving you background to the second issue about the Ndebele kingship,” he said, handing us a copy of a government notice from the presidency dated November 5 2010 with the headline: Recognition of kingships and kings in the Republic of South Africa.

Our first question was about the deaths in the initiation schools, but we obliged.

“The understanding was that after the Nhlapo Commission has made its determination, all kings in the country would be treated equally. Up to now that has not happened. Our argument has always been that government treated the Zulu king [Goodwill Zwelithini] better than all of us,” said King Makhosonke II.

The Zulu monarch’s annual budget and perks amount to R60 million from the KwaZulu-Natal government, while King Makhosonke II has to be content with R300 000 a year to do his work. Mabhena added: “The government has not yet treated Ingwenyama as a real king.”

The king is also concerned about the “two centres of power” created by the amendment of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act, 2003, that allowed those kings found to be illegitimate to keep their throne until they died. The Ndebeles have two kings now and are divided between two groups known as Manala and Ndzundza. The other leader is King Mabhoko III of the Ndzundza group.

“The amendment shifted the goalposts. The ruling party knows that you can’t have two centres of power. This has never been easy for us as the Ndebeles,” King Makhosoke II explained.

This reflected in the deaths at the Ndebele initiation schools this year. The buck here stops with the other monarch, King Mabhoko III, because he authorised these initiation schools where some of the deaths occurred.

“We can only sympathise with the families who lost their loved ones. I wasn’t involved with these schools this year. I authorised initiation schools last year and there were no incidents,” King Makhosoke II said.

King Mabhoko III’s family members and officials kept us waiting for an interview the whole week. It eventually did not happen.

King Mabhoko III’s spokespersons have even attributed the cause of deaths to witchcraft.

As King Makhosoke II walks us out after the meeting, he apologised for not offering us something to drink. “This interview wasn’t planned on time. Next time, we’ll organise cold drinks,” he said.

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7 Replies to “Inside track with Ndebele King Makhosoke II”

  1. Everyone should know that it was not by accident or fluke that His Majesty King Makhosoke 2, is now the legitimate and official Ndebele Monarch, in their entirety. It is by God and ancestral design and timing. I am not saying this because I am his praise poet (imbongi). I am articulating my sincere conviction in God’s works and believe that he was long chosen by God and angels (ancestors) to take over from where Musi kaMhlanga left off with regards to the ruling of united Ndebele, due to the following reasons:
    He is the longest serving South African King after King G Zwelithini. Secondly, there was no any other King in both Manala and Nzunza lineages that ruled longer than him with 31 years in the throne. That tells everybody that
    God and ancestors had planned for him to unify and consolidate the Ndebeles and thus restore their dignity like Shaka Zulu did with the Zulus. Thirdly, He is the people centred, selfless, composed, persevering, easygoing, humble and hard working King I have ever known about in my life. Fourthly, I as a traditionalist person in my early 40’s did not plan to be an imbongi for His Majesty King Makhosoke2. I was spiritually driven by supernatural power as a Christian member of ZCC to start using my creative writing talent to write a praise poem (imbongo) for him, and recite it for him as a King of entire Ndebele Nation. That as well, is not a coincidence. Therefore, I wish all of us can appreciate the fact that traditional leadership stems from the creation of humanity. A king is born not made, and something that belongs to you, you don’t fight for it, but God and ancestors would give it to you at the right time. And you won’t die until God fulfil his mission with you.

    Sunnyboy Moloko- Mtshweni. Imbongi yeNgwenyama yamaNdebele, from Siyabuswa.

    1. unamala Mtshweni. iNgwenyama uMayitjha I kaFene wabusa kusukela ngo 1921 be kebu ngu 1962 = 41 years. Dont lie when you dont know history – Makhosini SoMbusi Mahlangu wePakameni

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  3. ntokazi kwa mabhena ngicela ukubonga nge sizo lakho malulengana ngesifundo ongi bonise ngalo. inkosi isebenzile hlabathi lonke as I am now preparing to study at pearson university, thanx for your support through my darkest times

  4. Musi’s decision of passing his kingship to Ndzundza was not expected by anyone the likes of his other sons his second wife(mother of Ndzundza) and the his united ndebele nation except himself(Musi) and some of his elders. This was a secrete he(Musi) and his elders kept it till his last days of life, because that is what he was instructed to do by his elders after they were not satisfied about hte heredity between Musi and Manala(the first son of Musi’s first and great wife). Musi was instructed to raised, love and care for all of his children including Manala equally and no one of his children or wives must know the discovered truth about him(Musi) and Manala and to make sure that before he(Musi) died he must reveal the truth about his kingship on which the real person to rule Ndebeles after him(Musi) was Ndzundza after the confussion between Musi and Manala heredity and even Ndzunzda grew up expecting nothing like kingship after his father(Musi) just because of the secrete which has been kept by Musi as he was instructed to do so.

    The only thing is that, education can change everything which is correct to wrong and even wrong to correct just like using lawyers and advocates to win or claim what is not yours to be yours and the correct decision about the Ndebele kingship is only of Musi because he reveal the whole truth to Ndzundza while he passes the kingship to him that Manala is not his(Musi) biological son and even to Ndzunzda that was a suprised while his father(Musi) told him that secrete and Ndzundza run to his mother and told her about what his father said and therefore that is where Ndzunzda’s mother interfer in this affair of kingship, by just saving his son(Ndzundza) to run away from home because his brother Manala won’t agreed and allowed the decision of his father. Ndzundza did what his Mother said with his many followers of about two third or more majority of ndebele nation. The things of today is just controlled by how can you present yourself including your lawyers and advocates to the court/jurge/decision maker in public then you will win and again during the Nhlapo’s commission in 2010 about ndebele kingship or mornach, the people who were representing the Ndzundza side were not even the great house of king Magodongo they are from the fourth wife of the late king Magodongo and they were calling themselves izingwenyama zamandebele which was wrong that is why they lost the battle because was not made for them and I’m definately sure that if the battle was presented by the correctfull great house from first wife of the late King Magodongo should have been simplely won by Ndzundza presenters.

    As l said before, truth can be changed to false but it will remain the truth till it revealled itself and the false can last for sometime as long as those who favoured you are still alive and in power. Lastly if our Government was really willing to arbitrate ndebele nation in this issue he should have simplely said to Mabhena is the king of manalas only and those who are ruling by force in ndzundza is the king of ndzundzas and allow or even interfered in solving ndzundzas kingdom right from king Magodongo which is where the confussion has started after Mzilikazi attacked and killed king Magodongo, Mloyi and many ndzundzas and therefore the ndzundzas kingship went to the wrong house of king Magodongo which is the fourth house or wife of Magodongo while Tjhambowe the son of Mloyi was still very young to rule the ndebele ndzundza nation. Another thing is that Enoch Mabhena who has been favoured as the mornach king of the whole ndebeles is the close and trusted friend of the rightfull person(King Mkhambi 2 or Petrus Mahlangu of Ndzundza ndebele at Gauteng province) to be a Mornach King of the whole ndebele nation from Musi and this work a good advantages for Enoch to dribble Petrus as much as he can and even education also accounted in presenting your backround in this matter but nothing is impossible to correct the matters.

  5. unamala Mtshweni. iNgwenyama uMayitjha I kaFene wabusa kusukela ngo 1921 be kebu ngu 1962 = 41 years. Dont lie when you dont know history – Makhosini SoMbusi Mahlangu wePakameni

  6. King Makhosoke 2 is only a King or a Monarch of amandebele kaManala because is his forefather Manala who founded them long time after the death of King Musi, same as Kekana/Gegana(Thombeni) the founder of amandebele wokubalekela ebasuthwini and ended up adopting the culture, language and traditional life of northeren sothos who are now called themselves bapedi. The only few things which has made the ruling by Nhlapho’s commision simple to prefared/ favoured Enoch Makhosokhe 2 to be recognized as a Ndebele’s Monarch is this:
    (1)-The Ndzundza’s represantatives which is the one who was claiming the Monarch(Mbusi Mahlangu) and the one who was representing the ndzundza’s monarch(SoVetjheza Mahlangu) were both wrong persons they are not even Mahlangu’s in surnames, they were just missusing the Ndzundza Mahlangu surname. SoVetjheza’s biological father is Skhosana and Mbusi who was claiming Monarch is not even a ndebele, his biological father the late Koos was a swazi, Mabhoko 2 found him(Koos) with her mother and her mother with Mabhoko 2 they gave birth to James Mahlangu who was the former Minister of KwaNdebele.
    (2)-This ndzundza’s represantatives wanted to found the new ndzundza’s Monarch kingdom starting from Mabhoko 1 instead of from king Musi because they knew very well that they from the forth wife of the late Monarch King Magodongo wherelse the first wife house of King Magodongo is existing under a leadership of Mkhambi 2 in Gauteng province. Then every thing was just flowing free for Enoch Makhosoke 2.

    Yes Manala was born from the first wife of king Musi and the question is why Musi was worried about his kingship due to his sickness, blindness and old aged wherelse Manala was available. Musi called his survived wife by then which was Ndzundza’s mother and instructed her to call Manala to come and see him(Musi) and that is when Musi created his own trick of chasing Manala away from home to hunt for imbuduma(baffalo) so that he can pass the kingship stick to the rigtfull person which was Ndzundza and we must not forget that Ndzundza never fought to be a king even to him it was a suprised to be called by his father and hand over a kinship to him(Ndzundza). He(Musi) again after Manala left to hunt a baffalo(imbuduma) called his wife(Ndzundza’s mother) to call Ndzundza to come and see him and we must not forget that Musi was only blind and knew very well what he was doing because he was speaking and hearing very well. By the time he was speaking to Manala he knew and heared very well that he is speaking to Manala and instructed him(Manala) to go and hunt a baffalo(imbuduma) and even when he was speaking to Ndzundza he(Musi) knew and heared very well that he is speaking to Ndzundza and the preffered next King because he knew very well that once he died before passing the kingship stick to Ndzundza the his kingship will be lost or go to the wrongful person which was Manala. And that tells every one that Musi and his elders had a secret of doughting and not accepting Manala as Musi’s biological son through heredity(ifuzo) between Musi and Manala.

    Ndzundza’s mother interfer only after Ndzundza called Ndebele’s nation and told them that he is a King of the whole Ndebele’s nation as per his father(Musi) instruction, as she(Ndzundza’s mother) he was aware that Manala is stronger that Ndzundza and he always defeated him while they were fighting as per ussual temporaly fight in any family and even now it does happens. Therefore a duty of every woman even now is to protect her children from any attack no matter how old is that child. She(Ndzundza’s mother) then warn Ndzundza about the danger of a physical fight with Manala and Ndzundza called ndebeles to go away and stay somewhere he can rule them peaceful and a lot of them(ndebele’s nation) left with him. While Manala came back from hunting he found very less nation remaining and he rushed to his father and asked what had happened and his father told him the whole thruth that Ndzundza is the right person to rule after him and at same time is Manala who took a decision of seaching and running after Ndzundza to take away kingship stick(namrhali) from Ndzundza by force. While they were still a lady from one of the ngunis family arrived and separated/arbitrated(wabalamula) them(Ndzundza and Manala). Another last question with answer, why after a lady from one of the nguni’s home called Noqoli separated Ndzundza and Manala from fighting for namrhali(king’s stick) both Ndzundza and Manala end up their relationship and from there they started marry to each, simply because Noqoli has also revealed the thruth to Manala that Musi deed the right thing by passing the kingship to Ndzundza because him(Manala) is not the biological son of king Musi. Manala went back alone beacause Ndzundza was just afraid of him even if he burried his step father alone he was right because he grown up by him(Musi).

    The important point is this, Makhosoke 2 deceive to be only a Monarch king of only Manala nation and Mkhambi 2 of Sokhulumi to be a Monarch of Ndzundza nation because this two Ndzundza and Manala kingdoms has been found long time and many years before many new Kingdoms/Monarch and just like Xhozas thier Monarch kingdoms is devided into three and are younger that of those Ndebele’s(ndzundza and manala) then why not of ndebeles just only devided into two? If the government of south africa is willing to do that in respect of amandebele he can do that as soonas possible. As per Musi decision Ndzundza is the Chief Paramount of the whole Ndebele which is the will of Ndebele kingdom from Mhlanga from Mafana. Mbeki’s government and Nhlapo’s commission they just missused their powers of appointing Makhosoke 2 as Chief Paramount and only plus minus 20% of ndebele nation accepted that which are manala’s nation and the whole plus 80% of ndebele’s nation which are ndzundza’s nation still believe on Musi’s decision that Ndzundza is the Paramount Chief and that will stands for life till world is reformed or Jesus come back in the hearts of ndebele ndzundza nation even if Mkhambi 2 is a close of Makhosoke 2, that can not change the thruth or Musi’s decision.

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