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King Makhosoke Enoch Mabhena (Makhosoke II)

King Makhosoke II is the King of AmaNdebele wakwaManala and AmaNdebele he was reigned in 1986. King Makhosoke II was pronounced the legitimate Ndebele leader in 2010 following a five-year investigation by the presidential Nhlapho commission, which was assigned to resolve Kingship disputes and declare legitimate kings in the country. In 1986, a bid to protect the little heritage that was still in existence they formed a Trust called Silamba, A Trust to purchase back the land in order to protect the old stone kraals and homestead from neighboring whites former’s.

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Our Mission and Vision


To Build a better community among the amaNdebele tribe and illuminate mistreatment of women and children abuse.


Allow isiNdebele to be well developed like other languages and be taught in Varsities and close all the gaps.

Up Coming Events

King Silamba KoMjekejeke Annual Commemoration


Ndebele Kingdom Royal Annual iMbizo and King’s Banquet


2018/03/01 09:00:00
2018/12/16 09:00:00


King Makhosoke Skills Development and Training Institute

  • It was agreed that the rural communities in an area under the jurisdiction of the King need the institution that will embarked on a very focus skills
    development and training school that will prepare the young people to be usable by our economy. Find More

KoMjekejeke Living Heritage Site

  • This is an old settlement of our Kings situated north of Pretoria. The site was first inhabited in 1873 during the expansion of Boer trekkers into the hinterland.
    It was declared a heritage site in 1998 and it host thousands of people every year in the first week of March to commemorate heroes and heroines of amaNdebele.
    Find More