Our Projects

King Makhosoke Skills Development and Training Institute

It was agreed that the rural communities in an area under the jurisdiction of the King need the institution that will embarked on a very focus skills
development and training school that will prepare the young people to be usable by our economy.

Specific areas that were identified include the following:-

  1. Agriculture
  2. Artisan
  3. Business entrepreneurial
  4. Building [all related staff], Road engineering
  5. Mechanic
  6. Heavy and Light current

KoMjekejeke Living Heritage Site

This is an old settlement of our Kings situated north of Pretoria. The site was first inhabited in 1873 during the expansion of Boer trekkers into the hinterland.
It was declared a heritage site in 1998 and it host thousands of people every year in the first week of March to commemorate heroes and heroines of amaNdebele.

The planned development in this area involved the following:-

  1. Reconstruction of the kraals and homestead of the Kings buried there
  2. Add more types of housing development depicting different periods
  3. Build hotel for accommodation and conferencing
  4. Establish camps
  5. Build interpretation center, curios and workshops
  6. Entertainment facilities
  7. Museum and Archiving.